2018 Financial Results

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Now that the dust has settled on this year’s Festival and all the bills have been paid (we hope!) we are able to share the financial results of this year’s show. Record numbers of visitors came to see us this year – about 7,000 of them – with some flying in from all over the country. They enjoyed blazing sunshine throughout the weekend, more aviation attractions than ever and the biggest collection yet of local artisan producers and craftspeople.

As you may know, the Shobdon Food Festival was set up in 2005 to support local food producers while raising money for Shobdon church and other good causes and we are thrilled to still be doing that almost fifteen years later. Since 2013, any profits from the event have been shared equally between the Food Festival and our hosts, Herefordshire Aero Club (HAC). The Food Festival’s share (minus annual running costs) has always been given away to good causes including local cancer charities, specialist schools and sports clubs.

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This year, HAC and the Food Festival are also thrilled to be able to share the £5,000 raised at our Saturday night Rat Pack concert between the RAF100 charity and the Shobdon Playground Fund. We have also decided to do something slightly different with some of The Food Festival’s share this year: we are donating £2,500 to Shobdon Parish Council for them to spend as they see fit. More news on how they will look to do that will no doubt come from them in due course. We have also decided to retain £2,500 as a contingency fund for future Festivals. As the event grows, so does the outlay and, as we make most of our money from visitors paying to come through the gates, we feel it would be prudent to keep some back (literally) for a rainy day.

So, the result of all that is that we are thrilled to be able to distribute the proceeds as follows:


£4,000             –           Shobdon Church

£2,500             –           Shobdon Parish Council

£2,500             –           Shobdon Playground Fund

£2,500             –           RAF100 Appeal

£1,500             –           Shobdon Village Hall

£500                –           Shobdon Football Club



When you add on the money collected by causes that were raising their own funds at the event in our Community Marquee, our total charitable donations for 2018 are well over £15,000, which is an incredible effort! When you also consider how many other local businesses benefit from the event including local hotels, B&B’s and campsites as well as all our contractors and, of course, the dozens of exhibitors themselves, we are very proud of the contribution we continue to make to the local economy and community. With that in mind, we would again like to thank all our sponsors, volunteers, exhibitors and visitors for helping to make it happen! See you in 2019.

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