Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Flypast (Hurricane or Spitfire)

Hurricane and Spitfire(1)

We’re thrilled to welcome The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight team to Shobdon in 2017. We have been told to expect a flypast of either a Hurricane or Spitfire on the Sunday afternoon. The Hurricane was the first British monoplane eight-gun fighter, the first RAF aircraft to exceed 300 mph in level flight and the first production fighter with a retractable main undercarriage. During the Battle of Britain, RAF Fighter Command fielded more Hurricanes than Spitfires, and Hurricanes achieved a similarly greater proportion of combat kills during the Battle.

Spitfires fought in every operational theatre of the War and remained in RAF front-line service up to 1954. At the end of its development the Spitfire carried an engine producing more than twice the power of the original, its maximum take-off weight and rate of climb had more than doubled, its firepower had increased by a factor of five and its maximum speed had been increased by a third; all this in essentially the same airframe.

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